As I’ve said before, I’m hoping the next major revamp of the Mac laptop line-up — at the very least, the MacBook Pro — will add 5G support.

This would be a major step for Apple as it’s yet to introduce any sort of cellular capability for the Mac. However, it’s a step worth considering. since competing laptops have the capability (you can find a partial list of such laptops here.) And, despite Apple’s ads to the contrary, many of us still don’t find iPads or iPad Pros a viable Mac laptop alternative.

Of course, you can use your 5G-capable iPhone or iPad as a “Personal Hotspot” to get your Mac online. However, as Roman Loyola points out in a Macworld article, that’s not an optimal solution for various reasons. Apple acquired Intel’s modem business in 2019 with the goal of making its own modem. Such a device isn’t expected to arrive until 2023. Here’s hoping Mac laptops that arrive late that year will pack Apple-built modems.

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today