Aqara, a provider of smart home products, has expanded its smart door lock portfolio by releasing a new mortise-style lock, the D100 Zigbee, which is the brand’s third smart lock for the global market. 

Unlike the previous N100 Zigbee and A100 Zigbee which are more traditional handle locks, the new D100 Zigbee is a fully-automatic mortise lock allowing users to open the door without pushing a handle or turning a knob. 

The new model is designed to work with Apple’s HomeKit including the latest home key feature. It also supports unlocking via Google Assistant. 

Compared to the previous models, the D100 Zigbee lock is compatible with a wider range of doors, fitting those with a thickness between 40 to 120 millimeters and even the pull handle doors. It also features a more sustainable lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack. 

The detachable 2480mAh battery pack can be recharged via the USB-C port, and provides 12-month of battery life between each charge. A low battery alarm is supported; even if the battery runs out, the lock can also be charged from outside via a USB-C power bank. Similar to the other Aqara locks, mechanical keys are provided, which allow users to open the lock even when the electronics fails.

The D100 Zigbee features a 3D fingerprint scanner with liveness detection, and the scanner has a sapphire coating to ensure better durability. The lock is equipped with an invisible keypad, and allows permanent, one-time as well as periodic passwords (6-10 digits) which help users to grant and manage home access for family members and visitors with ease. One-time and periodic passwords can be created and managed remotely.

As mentioned the D100 Zigbee is designed to work with HomeKit and supports the home key feature in Apple Wallet, which allows users to simply tag their iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock. It also supports voice assistants including Siri and Google Assistant, so that users can check with their favorite assistant whether the door is locked, or ask the assistant to unlock the door.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today