I realize much of the tech world is highly anticipating the release of the rumored “Apple Car,” an Apple-branded, likely self-driving/electric vehicle. Perhaps it’s because I wouldn’t be able to afford one, but there are things I’d rather see the tech giant concentrate on instead of making a car.

A new AirPort line

As I’ve said often before, I want Apple to revive it AirPort line of routers and backup devices. In 2016, Apple discontinued the AirPort Express, the AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Time Capsule line of wireless router/backup hardware. I think that was a very dumb idea.

I want to see a WiFi 6 compatible AirPort mesh networking system akin to that of the Eero and Orbi with a base station that doubles as a server hub for Apple’s HomeKit to make smart home devices easy to set up and use. An Intego blog by Kirk McElhearn from June 15, 2020, perfectly sums up my feelings. 

An expanded line-up of displays

I’m a fan of Apple’s Studio Display (see my review here), but I’d love to see Apple expand its range of external monitors. How about a less expensive, 24-inch model without the A13 Bionic chip found in the 27-inch display. And how about a bigger (and, of course, more expensive) 32-inch model with HDR support. It would be pricey, but still more affordable than the $5,000 (and up) Apple Pro Display XDR.

An expanded range of Apple TV set-top boxes

I’m a daily user of the Apple TV 4K, but I’d like to see the line-up expanded. I’d like to see Apple drop the $149 TV HD model, and offer a less expensive Apple TV “Stick” akin to a Roku. And I’d like to see Apple offer a higher end model that could replace a cable/satellite box. The tech giant has filed for several patents for such a device, including the most recent one: number 2012102287277), so perhaps we’ll see such a device soon. 

I think all of the items on my wish list would better complement and expand the Apple ecosystem rather than an Apple Car. What do you think?

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today