Forget 2022’s iPhone 14. Let’s talk about 2024’s iPhone 16! Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tweets that we should expect a “real” full-screen iPhone that year. 

“High-end iPhones in 2024 would adopt an under-display front camera alongside the under-display Face ID,” he says. “A low-light condition is detrimental to front camera quality, and ISP & algorithm.

In other words, under-display Face ID. Such an iPhone has been rumored for some time. Last month a report by The Elec claimed that Samsung Display is developing a new under-panel camera technology that Apple plans to use to hide Face ID under the display on next year’s “iPhone 15 Pro” models, according to.

The article added that Samsung Display’s technology is expected to apply first to Samsung Electronics’ foldable phones launching next year, followed by the iPhone 15 Pro series.
The Elec also claimed that the smartphone will have only a hole for the front camera, with Face ID appearing hidden under the display. 

And in his his August 23, 2021  Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said that Apple considered adding Touch ID to the iPhone 13, but those plans were delayed. Still, he said the ultimate goal is to add this feature to smartphones along with under-the-display Face ID.

The Sellers Group (that’s me) says this makes sense as Apple has filed for, and/or been granted, patents for such tech. One granted patent is number 11,067,884 for “through-display optical transmission, reception, or sensing through micro-optic elements.

Other rumors about the iPhone 15/16:

° Some models will sport OLED LTOP displays. LTPO technology allows for a 120Hz variable refresh rate on the screen.

° Some models will pack a periscope lens with a 5x optical zoom. Periscope lenses allow for greater optical zoom by bouncing light inside the phone off a mirror before passing it through another smaller lens which can be moved closer and further away from the sensor, amplifying the light even more.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today