A CNET article by Scott Stein says that “smart” contact lens may not be too far in the future. A company called Mojo Lens (pictured) has made a self-contained display-enabled lens that the company says is finally ready for internal testing.

About Mojo Lens

Mojo Lens says its product (pictured) is a contact lens with a built-in display that provides people with “useful and timely information they want without forcing them to look down at a screen or losing focus on the people and the world around them.” Mojo calls this eyes-up experience “Invisible Computing.”

I suffer from dry eye syndrome so can’ wear contact lens for more than a couple of hours at a time. Still, I can dream of the day when companies, including Apple, make such products that I could at least sample.

Apple and smart contact lens

In March 2021, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that my favorite tech company was planning augmented reality contact lens for the 2030s. 

As far back as 2016, Apple was supposedly looking into smart/augmented reality contact lens.

“We are having an introductory conversation with Apple about the iOS platform, being the chosen platform for our augmented lens development program,” Michael Hayes, president, EP Global Communications, which specializes in the manufacturing and the integration of electronics into modern Silicone Hydrogel lenses, said at the time. “We anticipate that our augmented lenses will communicate with smart phone applications for display, so we must explore platforms that we can become compatible with. iOS is obviously one of the platforms we are keenly interested in.” 

There’s been no further developments on the matter that I’m aware of. But Apple, like other companies, is almost certainly experimenting with 

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today