By Dustin Darnell

The US$389.99 Yeedi Vac- Accessible Smart Vacuum is very good product though, initially, I had some difficulty pairing it with my iPhone through the Yeedi app.  After a quick reinstall of the app, it paired easily.   

The iPhone app is very good and offers functionality not available with competing robo-vacs I have used in the past. The vac is very quiet as it cleans when compared to competing models. The vac has a camera on the top surface that looks for walls as it cleans to make a 2D map of the room it is cleaning. By using the app, you can program scheduled cleanings and even mark places in the house where you do not want the vac to go.

This is a much more intelligent vac than competing models.  As it cleans it makes parallel paths across the room until the cleaning is finished, rather than taking a random approach across the house. If the vac runs low on battery before the cleaning is complete, it returns to the base to recharge and then completes the cleaning cycle once recharged. The trash bin loads from the top and is very easy to remove and empty while it is docked. Once it has cleaned the house once, the app shows a map of the house and where the robot has cleaned and where obstructions are that may need to be moved to allow more efficient cleaning next time. 

I was impressed with the cleaning efficiency.  I had been using a competing robo-vac and could not believe how much additional dirt the Yeedi Vac removed that was left behind by the competing model.

Apple World Today rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today