Atlantic Technology’s ( new LCR2 ultra compact speakers come in a white or high-gloss black finish for a wide variety of audio and home theater applications.

Just eight inches tall, it’s the smallest speaker ever offered by the company, yet it is a true high fidelity product that is designed to deliver excellent audio reproduction for smaller applications. The front baffle is designed to reduce diffraction and enhance dispersion to ensure timbre balance for music and maximum intelligibility on dialog. The ¾-inch silk dome tweeter offers exceptional upper-octave smoothness and dispersion.

The long-excursion 3½-inch woofer uses CPP (Composite Polypropylene/Paper) cones that deliver smooth bass response down to 100Hz. This frequency is more than deep enough for any accompanying subwoofer to be totally non-localizable.

The speakers have built-in keyhole brackets for wall or stand mounting, or can be placed on a shelf or tabletop. The speakers are sold singly for $200 each, so customers are not forced to buy pairs if they want odd numbers of speakers.