Ten One Design, LLC – a New York-based design
firm specializing in solutions for the mobile
lifestyle – is thrilled to announce its newest
application for use with MacBook trackpads,
Inklet. It provides professional graphic
designers and beginner sketchers alike the
opportunity to practice and fine-tune their
artistic skills without the high costs associated
with premium drawing tablets.

Inklet conveniently works with Photoshop and
other common drawing programs. Features include:
° Adjustable pressure sensitivity for
thicker or thinner strokes;

° Hover ability allows users to find their
positioning before any lines are drawn;

° Operation with a finger or Pogo Sketch;

° Customizable workspace size and shape;

° Hotkeys for quick and easy control;

° Customizable color detail/stokes;

° Advanced algorithm detects unwanted/accidental trackpad touches;

° Works with handwriting recognition built into the Mac operating system.

“Inklet, especially when used with our Pogo
Sketch, gives our customers the opportunity to
sketch, doodle and draw to their hearts’ content
without feeling like they have to spend a small
fortune to do so,” said Peter Skinner, Ten One
Design CEO.

The full licensed version of Inklet is available
for download at www.tenondesign.com for $24.95,
and the Inklet bundle, which consists of the
application and the Pogo Sketch, a capacitive
drawing stylus, can be purchased for just $34.95.
A free limited download of the application is
also available for users who want to test it out