Apple and WiLAN have signed a patent licensing agreement which concludes a series of disputes over iPhone wireless technologies, going back to 2007, according to Reuters.

In January 2020, a jury in San Diego, California jury ruled that Apple had to pay WiLan $85 million for patent infringement. And in August 2018, a federal jury in California awarded Canadian patent licensing company WiLan $145.1 million in damages against Apple for patent infringement. However, in January 2019 this was slashed to $10 million by a California jury.

The lawsuits concern Apple’s alleged use of WiLAn’s 4G and LTE technologies found in most of Apple’s products. WiLan was established in 1992 to develop and commercialize technology that made low-cost, high-speed wireless networking a reality. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today