A campaign is underway at IndieGoGo for the ROIDMI EVA, a self-cleaning and emptying robot vacuum. It seems like the product is really popular. I was sent an advance copy to critique — and the test drive has been interesting.

The model of the ROIDMI EVA I received was obviously meant for a person who speaks Chinese. I’m not sure a person so, with the printed instructions and on-screen prompts all in that language, trying to set up and test drive the ROIDMI EVA was a very frustrating experience.

I finally had to get a friend who speaks Chinese to help me. With his assistance, set-up went fairly smoothly and the robot vacuum works as good — and more “intelligent” — than any I’ve ever tried. 

It’s a combination of a dust collection base and an automatic mop cleaning module in one device. This means it does double duty, which is convenient. 

The extra-large dust bag is big enough to collect dust for 60 days. The four-liter, large-capacity water tank separates clean water from dirty water. And the self-cleaning feature on ROIDMI Eva can wash the mop automatically to keep it sanitary, before returning to the spot it left off to continue mopping and vacuuming. Finally, the soft wind feature helps to quick-dry the mop to prevent mildew and odor. 

The ROIDMI EVA’s 3200Pa suction power offers deep cleaning of dirt in crevices. The four-inch, high-speed spinning mops are extremely efficient. And it has a “smart detection of height” feature to avoid being stuck under low furniture, as well as PSD corner perception. And the little robot supports 20mm climbing in the vacuuming mode, and 15mm climbing in the vacuuming and mopping mode or mopping mode.

The ROIDMI EVA is not an impulse buy. Its full retail price will be US $999. However, if you need a robot assistant that can now only dust, but also mop your floors, check out the IndieGoGo campaign and see if it’s for you.

And if you spring for one, make sure they send a model in your native language.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today