The new AKASO V50 Pro Native 4K/30fps action camera is waterproof and sports a touch screen and with an adjustable view angle. It provides clear and stable images for sports both above and below water and is available for $119.99 at

The AKASO V50 Pro boasts image quality with 20MP and 4K/30fps that will enable users to capture every detail of their adventure. Also, using built-in Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) with a 6-axis gyroscope detecting position and motion changes, any videos produced will be stable even when the camera tilts, moves, shakes or experiences any type of impact. 

This makes the camera ideal for using in sports such as skiing, cycling or diving and still maintain an impressive recording of the event. With H.265 Video Codec and compatibility with external mics, videos can also record voices and noise for immersive viewing.

Using the 2-inch high responsive IPS touch screen enables users to easily control the small action camera. Setting, previewing, and shooting/recording is simple and means that clips can be recorded quickly so every moment is captured. The V50 Pro also has an optional view angle that allows users to adjust the angle of the action camera according to needs. 

Varying from super wide, wide, medium and narrow, images or clips can be recorded based on personal preference or location requirements. The camera also packs LDC (lens distortion correction).

Once images or videos have been recorded, they can be shared on social media instantly using the built-in Wi-Fi by downloading the App (iSmart Pro+) onto a phone or tablet and connecting it to the action camera. The V50 Pro can also be connected to a TV using a HDMI Port if users want to show their adventures on a bigger screen.

The V50 Pro can also use built-in filters if the scene doesn’t look quite the way the user would like. Burst photos, time lapse photos/videos and slow/fast motion videos means that there is a way to adjust the camera to whatever most suits the needs. The wind noise reduction feature also means that if wakeboarding, paragliding or surfing on a particularly windy day, the noise from the external mic will be just as clear.

The V50 Pro also comes with two rechargeable 1100mAh batteries, chargers and a remote-control wristband so the camera will never run out of battery at a crucial moment. Additionally, a variety of mounts are included in the box so there will be an option that will suit any user no matter what the sport.