TP-Link, a provider in the networking and smart home space, is doubling down on the smart home segment by introducing a new smart home brand to the U.S. market – Tapo. The brand will offer several Apple HomeKit compatible products.

Three such Apple HomeKit ready products include the new Tapo P125 Mini Smart Plug, Tapo S500D Smart Dimmer Switch and Tapo P306 Wall Power Strip. The Tapo P125 features a compact design to save space and extra safety features, including a flame-resistant design. 

The Tapo S500D lets users dim the light between one and 100 percent and control a light via an app or voice commands. Lastly, the Tapo P306 expands outlets with three smart outlets, three always on outlets, one USB Type-C and two USB Type-A charging ports.

The flagship Tapo L930-5 Smart Multicolor Light Strip is compatible with Apple HomeKit and includes advanced features such as individual colors for each segment, syncing to sound for music-based light-shows, and olor with 150 RGB+W LEDs. The Tapo L535 Multicolor Smart WiFi Light Bulb is compatible with Apple HomeKit and comes with adjustable 1100 lumen brightness, light temperature and millions of color possibilities. It also includes features such as a schedule, timer functions and energy monitoring.

Finally, Tapo is introducing the Tapo H100 Smart IoT Hub, along with the Tapo T100 Smart Motion Sensor and the Tapo T110 Smart Window/Door Sensor. With the bundle setup, users can set alarm triggers for the 90 dB alarm built into the Tapo H100 smart hub.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today