The price of the iPhone 13 is 81% higher ($437) on average around the world than the first iPhone models, according to a new study by Self, Inc., a “credit builder account company.”

In the U.S., the cost of iPhones has risen over 60% since launch in 2007, outstripping local purchasing power (42%) meaning an iPhone now costs $88 more in real terms. Around the world, flagship iPhones have risen an average of 7.75% per year in price, compared to purchasing power which has risen 3.75% per year.

Self’s report also notes that:

° In real terms, that means an iPhone costs $154 more today than when it was originally launched for all people around the world.’

° Residents in the UAE have seen iPhone prices rise the fastest of all countries compared to local inflation, with prices rising 110% faster. ° Residents of Ireland has seen prices fall by 29% in real terms, because of local inflation rates rising faster than iPhone price increases. 

° The iPhone 13 is most expensive for people in India, who have to spend 14.75% of their yearly purchasing power to own one. In comparison, people in the US need to spend just 1.17% (the 4th lowest around the world).

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today