Tile, which specializes in “finding technology,” has introduced a new lineup that builds on the the previous features of its products. 

Available today, the lineup includes sleek new designs for a wide range of uses, increased finding range, louder ring and a new way for lost items to be found and returned. The company will also be introducing Point and Locate finding with the launch of the Ultra-Wideband enabled Tile Ultra as well as a new Scan and Secure safety feature early next year. Tile is built with a platform agnostic app and multiple form factors that attach to just about anything right out of the box.

The US$34.99 Pro (pictured) is Tile’s most powerful tracker with a 400 foot finding range. It’s gotten a new look and feel to accommodate its most common use case: keys. 

With a lightweight body and slender shape resembling a key fob, the Pro attaches right out of the box and hangs from a keychain, bags, or purses. The $24.99 Tile Mate, $29.99 Sticker, and $34.99 Slim have all been upgraded to a 250 foot finding range. This is an increase of 25% for Mate and Slim, and a 67% increase for Sticker. 

These three models also now boast a louder ring. Additionally, the Mate now features a 3-year battery life.  All four Tile models have been upgraded to an IP67 water-resistance rating, meaning they can be submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Tile has also boosted the out of home experience with a new way to find lost items called Tile Lost and Found. This service allows a user to expand the Tile Finding Network to any Good Samaritan who discovers their lost item. 

Every Tile (excluding the Sticker) will now have a QR code on the back so anyone who finds a lost Tile can scan it, see the owner’s provided contact information, and coordinate how to reunite the lost item with its owner. Now anyone with a smartphone can help someone find a lost item.

Tile CJ Prober says the company is developing a solution that seeks to help victims of domestic abuse and the potential misuse of a tracking device. Created with guidance from an advocacy organization that are experts in this area, the new Scan and Secure feature will enable anyone with the Tile app (even if they don’t have an active Tile account) to scan for and detect nearby Tile devices and identify if an unknown device is near them. This new feature will be available to iOS and Android users early next year.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today