Reporting for PCMag on the issue of Verizon’s 5G not appearing on iPhone 13s as consumers get their hands on the devices, lead mobile and 5G analyst Sascha Segan dives into three reasons why this might be happening. And the good news is that the solution might be as simple as getting a new SIM card.

Key highlights from the report:

  • There are three possible solutions, and they all have to do with Verizon’s network provisioning system.
  • Even if you have a 5G service plan, a SIM that was in another device may not be entirely happy in your iPhone 13.
  • If you bought your phone with a Verizon SIM, you need to activate the new physical SIM using Verizon’s app or website, use that one, and throw out the old one.
  • As explored on a Reddit thread, have Verizon support staff remove every feature from your account on the old SIM, and then add all the features one by one on the new SIM.
  • Verizon’s system relies on having a database of specific phone IDs marked as “compatible.” Use an online tool (see article) to check to see if your phone’s IMEI number is in Verizon’s database.

Read the article for details.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today