By Michael Fowler

As time goes by, more students start using gadgets for educational purposes. Some study remotely and thus entirely rely on devices. Others attend on-campus classes and use gadgets to jot down various ideas voiced during the class. 

In both cases, devices are essential and helpful. And given the number of available devices, it might be challenging to decide on the one that can complete any function. 

Apple gadgets have long been in the limelight. Lots of students use Apple products and report being satisfied. If you are mulling over buying an Apple gadget for education, here is the list of advantages you can expect upon completing your purchase.

Apple Devices are Powerful

Of all operating systems available these days, those present in Apple products tend to be the most powerful. Apple works on its devices, allowing students to get more done with the same computing power. Learners can run Safari, open dozens of tabs, switch between them speedily, tune in to online classes, open presentations, ask professionals to “write my college essay, please,” and many more. 

Apple Has Easy Integration

Many think that since Apple has a closed system, it doesn’t integrate with other networks. In reality, incorporating Apple gadgets into existing IT infrastructure is more than manageable. There are no compatibility issues. Those who study IT, programming, computer science, or any other course requiring an advanced OS can access Windows network services, share files, and use the system at native speed and without any limitations. 

Solid and Trusted Foundation

Apple prioritizes its OS. Whoever uses Apple products admits a UNIX-based OS to be stable and solid. Not only are Apple devices powerful and efficient, but they are also reliable and secure. And they give students and academic institutions more time to focus on things that matter way more than maintaining the OS every now and then.

It is Safe, Light, Easy to Use

Each and every Apple device guarantees safety. The company’s OS features one of the most secure and easy-to-configure software firewalls. So whatever students might look for on the Internet, they are safe and secure. Moreover, schools, colleges, and universities that apply Apple products can rest assured that all the data is stored under lock and key. No viruses, malware, and any other attacks will pass.

Apart from that, such devices lighten the load significantly. Students no longer need to carry backpacks loaded with textbooks. Instead, learners can have everything on their iPad or Mac without jeopardizing their posture, neck, and shoulders.

Apple Gadgets Work Swiftly

Apple devices proved fast a long time ago. Many people purchase Apple laptops, tablets, and smartphones because they work uncompromisingly swiftly. In education, quick access to information is imperative, which is why Apple stands out. Students can launch anything in the blink of an eye, be it Zoom, Skype, or any other app.

Students Get Round the Clock Support

Apple support is arguably one of the best in the world. It provides excellent care and handles any issue at the drop of a hat. Students of all ages can reach out to technical support and get their problems resolved quickly and easily. 

It Provides Excellent Accessibility

Instructors report that online learning took its toll on students of various abilities. And it wasn’t only problematic to attend remote classes. Students also couldn’t keep up with the hectic tempo of assigned tasks, tests, and presentations. The corporation provides extended accessibility features to empower all the students. A pilot project demonstrated that students that switched to Apple gadgets declared their academic performance spiked.

Furthermore, they admitted it was easier and more pleasant to study online and complete various assignments. Now, there is no device with a different OS that can compete with Apple’s built-in accessibility features. As was already said, Apple provides complete integration. Therefore, whatever app students run, accessibility features function perfectly well. 

Among other applications, Apple accessibility features include:

  • VoiceOver
  • Speak Screen
  • Guided Access
  • Speak Selection
  • Safari Reader View

Apple Gadgets Have Education Apps Included

An excellent thing about using Apple in education is that devices don’t require downloading dozens of apps. iPads and other Apple gadgets already have a pre-downloaded collection of education applications. The list of such apps is constantly added with new programs. Students can utilize many applications, including but not limited to:

  • Pages
  • Numbers
  • GarageBand
  • Swift Playgrounds
  • Keynote
  • iMovie

Nurturing Creativity

It is no wonder that Apple emphasizes quality. Today’s Apple devices–be it iPhone, iPad, or Mac–are packed with creativity-boosting features. Apple gadgets have incredible cameras, speakers, and microphones. They allow learners to create high-resolution videos, jazzing up their academic routine. 

Other than that, available editing tools, easy mobility, and intuitive use make students more interactive. Those who use iPads can reveal an entirely new world of creativity by using an Apple Pencil. Depending on tilt sensors and pressure, the latter can be a pen, pastel stick, or paintbrush. Such a feature can also motivate students to try themselves in technical drawing, sketches, or calligraphy. Not to mention that such approaches can make classes more diverse, exciting, and visually appealing.

Introducing New Learning and Teaching Techniques

Since Apple takes utmost care of its OS, making it brisk and responsive, students and educators are highly encouraged to implement new learning and teaching methods. For teachers, new apps pop up. One of them is Schoolwork App. It aims to simplify the process of assigning home tasks and making sure students don’t miss them. Besides, it helps instructors effectively monitor students’ progress and mitigate collaboration. The Handouts feature enables educators to enrich tasks with relevant documents, weblinks, PDFs, and many more. In turn, this app allows students to be more organized, have all the assignments in one place, and reach them all with a few clicks. 

The mentioned is a drop in the ocean when it comes to benefits Apple provides to students. In reality, there are many more features learners can experience when using Apple devices. If you’d like to learn more about Apple and education, ping me on my email. And make sure to share this article if you find it handy. Thanks and have a good one.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today