SellCell, an U.S. phone and tech buyback site, has released a report showing  what Apple fans think about dubbing the next smartphone the “iPhone 13.” In a nutshell, they don’t! Here are the survey highlights;

Survey highlights

  • 1-in-5 Apple users (18.3%) are triskaidekaphobic (fear of number “13”) and would be put off by the ‘iPhone 13’ moniker
  • A whopping 74% would prefer a different name than iPhone 13 for next-gen iPhones, with ‘iPhone (2021)’ voted the most suitable name at 38%. Other responses: iPhone 13 (26%), iPhone 21 (16%), iPhone 12S (13%), iPhone 14 (7%)
  • A majority of Apple users (64%) would rather wait for new iPhones to come out than buy an iPhone 12 right now if an upgrade is due
  • More than half (52.6%) are “slightly” or “not at all” excited about the new iOS/iPadOS 15 update, with an additional 28.1% revealing they are only “somewhat” excited
  • Upgraded wallet (23%), advanced Spotlight search (17.3%), ‘Find My’ feature to track switched-off or erased devices (14.2%), SharePlay (10.1%), LiveText (9%) are among the most liked features of the new software
  • Interactive widgets (32.3%), always-on display (21%), pro tools (Xcode, Final Cut Pro, etc.) for iPad (14.9%), better external display support for iPad (13.2%), and support for multiple user accounts (8%) are among the top missing features
  • 53.1% of users are comfortable with letting a friend or family manage their iCloud data after their demise through the Digital Legacy feature, but most users (71%) would want control over what type of data is shared
  • Browsing history (27.3%), messages (16.4%), Keychain passwords (13.7%), purchase history (12.1%), and credit card information (9.2%) topped the list of data not to be shared with a legacy contact

Regarding Triskaidekaphobia

As the number ’13’ is considered unlucky in many cultures, we asked more than 3,000 Apple users whether superstition would stop them from buying an iPhone 13, and the responses were:

  • One in five iPhone and iPad users (18.3%) revealed they would be put off by the “iPhone 13”moniker.
  • Men (24.9%) are about twice as likely to be affected by triskaidekaphobia than women (11.7%)
  • Whereas 81.7% said it wouldn’t affect their purchase decisions.
  • Surprisingly, “iPhone (2021)” is the most popular pick as a whopping 38% would like iPhones to follow the same naming convention as Macbooks or iPads and do away with the model numbers
  • Meanwhile, 26% said they would prefer Apple stick to their current naming convention and call it “iPhone 13.”
  • Sixteen percent want Apple to follow its rival Samsung when naming flagship smartphones and selected “iPhone 21” as the most fitting name for 2021 iPhones
  • Thirteen percent would like to see the “S” suffix make a comeback with the next iPhone range (“iPhone 12S”), while a mere 7% wish Apple would skip the number “13” altogether and jump straight to “iPhone 14.”

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today