With the help of Apple’s 5G-supported iPhone 12 series models, Japan’s domestic 5G smartphone shipments have “exploded,” according to Taiwan’s Technews (as translated by 9to5Mac). In 2020, there will be a 40-fold increase, and this year’s shipments are expected to double again, the article adds.

MM Research Institute, a Japanese ICT market research and consulting organization, released a survey report on March 18, noting that in April and March 2020, domestic smartphone shipments in Japan increased by 16.9% annually to 32.757 million.

The iPhone 12 series 4 models launched by Apple in October and November 2020 all support 5G, boosting Japan’s 5G smartphone shipments, which will reach 11.011 million units in 2020, according to Technews. This is a 40-fold increase (3,993%) from the 269,000 units in 2019, and its share of the total smartphone shipments jumped from 1% in 2019 to 33.6%.

In terms of vendor shipments, during 2020, Apple’s iPhone swept nearly half of the Japanese smartphone market and continued to rank first, followed by Sharp, Samsung, Fujitsu and Sony.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today