Recently Apple Podcasts rolled over the two million podcast title mark; however, analyzing data from Apple Podcasts shows that the “box office” number is deceiving, Steven Goldstein writes for Amplifi Media.

He says that out of the two million titles reflected in Apple Podcasts (and similar results from Podcast Index), 26% have produced just a single episode. 

“That suggests many people fired up their creative juices, especially during the pandemic, and stopped after creating one episode,” Goldstein says. “Roughly 1/4th of all podcasts are out of business, or more likely, were never really in it. Sure, there might be some that only planned a single episode but for our x-ray, let’s drop the number of podcasts down by 26% – which means there are roughly 1.5 million (1.48m) podcasts with two or more episodes.”

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today