Brain Balance Achievement Centers, an integrative training program designed to strengthen cognitive skills, has announced the nationwide launch of their Virtual Program. The program is a three-month, at-home program that builds progressively as students go along, providing the building blocks needed to help kids with ADHD and Autism find success in the classroom and relief at home.

“COVID-19 has undoubtedly had a devastating impact on all walks of life, particularly children, who are feeling the effects on their mental health and ability to focus and learn,” says Dr. Rebecca Jackson, vice president of outcomes and programs for Brain Balance Achievement Centers. “We are thrilled to finally be able to provide a program for families who either live too far from a center or feel more comfortable with an at-home program while providing the same personalized offerings as our in-center program.”

The Brain Balance Program takes a non-medical approach to improving cognitive skills, with the goal of creating lasting improvement in a child’s attention, behavior, anxiety and academics. The personalized, virtual option uses a comprehensive set of protocols including cognitive exercises, sensory motor engagement, nutritional counseling and academic activities.

Every Brain Balance virtual program begins with an assessment to gauge students’ abilities. A customized program is then created that focuses on strengthening cognitive performance. After the customized program is developed, a comprehensive kit will be mailed to each student that includes balance, sensory engagement, fine motor skills and timing and coordination components needed for the at-home exercises.

The program also incorporates iPad-based cognitive games, critical listening and comprehension activities, and meetings with a nutritionist to create a tailored nutrition plan for your child. In addition, enrollees have access to a selection of on-demand resources, including nutritional content and guided videos through Brain Balance’s Program Portal. All of this is supported by a dedicated Certified Cognitive Coach, who provides regular one-on-one virtual support for the child and parents over video chat.