Hollywood-based Color Intelligence has unveiled Colourlab Ai, a new color grading system designed to improve the process of color correction thanks to Artificial Intelligence. 

Color Intelligence is offering access to its AI technology to just (for now) the first 500 applicants. The Colourlab Ai Factory Driver program will provide early adopter access to the software, giving an exclusive pool of industry professionals beta team status. The company will provide immediate access to Colourlab Ai while in development, letting early adopters test, contribute feedback and request features for the color grading application before the public release in early October.

Using advanced AI models trained for cinematic content, Colourlab Ai makes it simple to automatically color match footage from a graded clip or reference image according to Mark L. Pederson, COO of Color Intelligence. By leveraging AI to eliminate the manual and tedious aspects of the color grading process, Colourlab Ai empowers filmmakers and colorists to focus more on the creative part of their job, he adds.