mophie, a ZAGG company, has unveiled two additions to its lineup of wireless charging products: the 15W wireless charging pad, and the 15W wireless charging stand. 

The 15W wireless charging pad (US$49.95) is engineered to deliver up to 15W of power on contact to Qi-enabled smartphones, both present and future, that support 15W wireless charging speeds.  Simply place your device on the pad and charging begins on contact. The wireless charging pad can charge through cases up to 3mm thick, and the compact design fits on a crowded tabletop. 

The 15W wireless charging stand ($59.95) tabletop charging companion that holds smartphones at a convenient viewing angle and delivers up to 15W of wireless power to Qi-enabled devices, according to Charlie Quong, vice president of product, power at ZAGG. Place your smartphone on the stand in portrait or landscape mode and charging begins immediately through cases up to 3mm thick.

The 15W wireless charging pad and 15W wireless charging stand also feature low standby current to ensure minimal power draw when not in use and allow users to maintain the full functionality and access to their favorite smartphone features while charging, says Quong.