Identité, a security company specializing in password-less authentication, has released  two offerings designed to eliminate passwords for enterprise organizations.

NoPass for Consumers is a password-less authentication tool that allows users to perform three-factor authentication with a couple of simple gestures. NoPass for Employee MFA is a two-factor authentication (token + biometric) tool designed to address security concerns in the current work from home environment. 

The NoPass authentication server works with a free smartphone authentication app that is available on the Apple App Store and Google Playstore. For enterprises that have their own mobile app, the NoPass SDK is available to integrate passwordless authentication and eliminate the need for a second app.

NoPass for Employee SSO, currently in beta, offers three-factor authentication without passwords. It’s designed to help employees sign-on once while accessing multiple applications. NoPass works as an identity broker in the mode of service provider or identity provider. 

It easily connects into existing authentication tools to provide MFA or as an identity provider, working as a passwordless MFA tool. NoPass also allows enterprise users to reauthorize with MFA for sensitive applications or transactions, according to John Hertrich, founder and CEO of Identité.  The NoPass family of products are available on AWS Marketplace.  For more information visit the website at