OWC says the Envoy Pro Thunderbolt 3 external SSD will be going into space – and returning – with a space exploration developer’s upcoming launch. 

OWC is holding a contest for creatives to submit their videos, songs and images for consideration, for the chance to have that creative content included on the drive when it’s sent into space. Entrants are challenged to show the team at OWC what they’ve created. 

Participants can submit a video, a song, image(s), or any other type of content they have produced using an OWC product. Entries should be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram calling out @PoweredbyOWC and using #OWCInSpace in order for all content to be properly evaluated by the OWC team. Posts should mention which OWC product was used in the creative process. Winners will be contacted by DM.

The contest will begin accepting submissions on August 10 and will do so through August 21st. All submissions will be evaluated by executive and creative team members at OWC. Selected winning entrants will be uploaded onto the OWC Envoy Pro and launched into orbit with the September 2020 launch. 

One grand-prize winning entry will receive a 16″ MacBook Pro, an LG 32″ IPS 4K Thunderbolt monitor, and a specially-engraved OWC Envoy Pro. The top ten first-prize winning selected content providers will receive a specially engraved version of the OWC Envoy Pro drive. All winning submissions will receive a certificate of participation and a commemorative patch following the rocket launch and return. All prizes will be distributed following the launch and return of the rocket.

Contestants are asked to upload an original video or song between one to two minutes in length, or an image or multiple images. Show OWC your out-of-this-world work, and show the world why OWC solutions are the key to unlocking true creative potential.

Guidelines for submission: all entries should be English-language content only, or if in another language, please use English subtitles. All voting results will be final, and the winners will be notified by DM, so be sure to follow @PoweredbyOWC on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. For details visit OWC in Space.