Socket Mobile has announced the DuraScan D755 – a medical-grade, universal scanner designed and built for healthcare environments. It will be available next month and is priced at US$569.

The D755 housing is designed to withstand daily cleaning and sanitizing with popular disinfectant solutions to prevent the spread of bacteria. The IP54-rated environmental seal protects against dust, water, blood and alcohol from entering, which makes the scanner easier to clean, according to Socket Mobile Senior Product Manager Vanessa Lindsay. 

The D755 has a green LED aimer and scans all barcodes used in the healthcare industry, including small barcodes used on vials and syringes. Its universal Bluetooth barcode scanner helps mobile workers who need to scan while walking or standing, says Lindsay. 

The D755 is small and light enough to always be carried. It can slip in scrub pockets, be worn with a wrist strap or with a holster. The Bluetooth wireless technology allows freedom of movement all workday, with battery-friendly technology lasting an entire 12-hour shift, says Lindsay.

Its medical-grade plastic withstands daily wipe downs and cleaning with disinfectant solutions. Its design was built to be dropped hundreds of times while its scan button was tested to handle over five million presses in environments needing frequent scanning. The D755 scans small barcodes, including those displayed on screens, printed, on curved or reflective surfaces.

The D755 is Apple Certified and can be fully integrated and controlled by your iOS, Android or Windows application with native support.