Feelmore Labs, a wellness technology company driven by neuroscience, has unveiled its inaugural product: Cove, a new wearable consumer device designed to reduce stress and improve sleep. It will be available in the fall, though pricing hasn’t been announced.

Francois Kress, co-founder and CEO of Feelmore Labs, says the device silently applies gentle vibrations behind the ears that initiate a natural biological pathway between the skin and the brain. By harnessing this connection, Cove is able to activate the part of the brain that regulates anxiety, leading to a profound and durable sense of calm, Kress adds.

The Cove device comes with a companion app (available on iPhone and Android devices) that can be used to view session history, check stats and streaks, and keep a progress journal. In the near future, heart rate and motion data collected during each session will be used to report stress measurements of the user. Kress says that with the comfort of the user in mind, the app doesn’t need to be used during Cove sessions; however it is recommended to check it between sessions for a more complete experience, and to support consistent daily use of the device.