Strategy Analytics reports that smart thermostats are the most popular smart home devices. In the U.S. almost 50% of smart homes have one. 

The devices are also the most popular smart home device in the UK and Germany. Smart thermostats are the second most popular device in France, close behind surveillance cameras.

Nest is the most popular brand overall, followed closely by Honeywell. After the top two, the smart thermostat competitive landscape is wide open. In the UK, Centrica Connected Home’s Hive thermostat is the most popular, almost twice as popular as Nest. In the U.S., ecobee is in nearly 20% of smart homes. Rounding out the top brands in Germany and France are Netatmo and tado.

“The popularity of smart thermostats isn’t that surprising, given that the devices embody many of the best practices for all smart home devices,” Jack Narcotta, senior industry analyst in Strategy Analytics’ Smart Home Strategies advisory service, says. “They’re widely available, they’re increasingly simple to install, they’re becoming easier to set up and activate, and brands’ apps take full advantage of consumers’ smartphones when it comes to thermostat operation and creating heating or cooling schedules.”