, a video review and collaboration platform, has announced the launch of v3.6 along with a brand new application: Transfer, now available in beta. v3.6 offers new features with a particular focus on speed and security. The expanded toolset addresses demands for fast project downloads with the Transfer app, adds enhanced security features like Watermark ID for Enterprise accounts, and continues to improve the overall collaborative experience with additional new features like iOS Offline Mode and Folder Sharing. Transfer is a new file transfer app for both Mac and Windows. Available in beta, it lets users download large files and sophisticated folder structures—even entire projects—with one click. It supports EDL and XML formats, so users can identify specific files, accelerating the process of relinking to original camera files for final conforms, color grading, or sharing assets for VFX. 

Transfer also makes it possible to monitor active downloads and to drag and drop to reprioritize their order. Finally, Transfer facilitates fast and secure downloads, regardless of unstable internet connections; if there’s a disruption mid-download, Transfer pauses and automatically resumes once reconnected.