Kokoon says its new headphones are the world’s first sleep aiding headphones.  They’re available for kokoon.io for US$349.

Kokoon reps say the company was founded with the mission to become the non-pharmaceutical, digital “go to” for helping people relax and sleep easier. The Kokoon app — available at the Apple App Store — features techniques, tracks and concepts developed with sleep professionals to optimize the chances of falling asleep.

Kokoon uses these techniques to help users by delivering a customized content experience developed for the individual using the sensor data gathered from their body and environment. For example, as a wearer falls asleep in a headphone, audio changes in response, fading out the content and introducing white noise to mask out disturbances. 

The system also tracks what’s working for a user then personalising content for greater effect. The Flexmould Comfort patented design helps Kokoon headphones mould to the shape of the users head to be comfortable wherever they are worn and thanks to the high quality natural fibre fabric, air flows easily through the ear cups to keep the wearers cool and comfortable. The ear cushions can also be detached and washed to be kept fresh and clean.  

Also useable as regular Bluetooth 4.0 headphones, the Kokoon Relax features premium acoustics from a 40mm electro dynamic driver and active noise cancelling. They only weigh 12.03 ounces with folding earcups and an included carry case.