The science community now has free access to a COVID-19 research portal that launched today. Vivli, a global independent, nonprofit data-sharing and analytics platform for clinical trial research, with the help of Insight Enterprises, an integrator of Insight Intelligent Technology Solutions for organizations of all sizes, developed the COVID-19 data sharing portal.

“Especially during this time of a public health emergency, data sharing is more important than ever,” said Rebecca Li, Vivli executive director. “We encourage COVID-19 researchers to connect with Vivli and commit to sharing their trial data as soon as it becomes available.”

To date, there are hundreds of trials currently being planned or ongoing. As results from those studies become available and researchers agree to share their results, Vivli will be updating the portal and listing those trials. Researchers can begin submitting requests through the COVID-19 portal, developed by Insight.

“It’s exciting to be able to lend support to Vivli in their efforts to launch the COVID-19 portal,” said Stan Lequin, vice president, Digital Innovation at Insight. “Technology companies are in a unique position to donate technical power and expertise to help accelerate solutions to this global health crisis. Insight has prioritized helping our communities and clients, especially those on the front lines of healthcare, get through this challenging time, and this is an example of how we’re helping where we can.”

Insight has been the nonprofit’s long-standing technical development and maintenance partner, helping Vivli launch its global clinical trial research platform in 2018.

Researchers who would like to participate in sharing COVID-19-related research trial data can access the portal at