With the end of the decade upon us, eBay took a retrospective look back at the top trends and events that shaped our online shopping carts every year since Y2K, according to search and sales data. 

From Pokémon and velour tracksuits to royal inspiration and fidget spinners, in between, each year’s biggest moments had shoppers searching online for their “must-haves” across millions of brands, products, gadgets and more. In 2019, consumer shopping cart activity showed us that…

  • Sneaker dominance – A growing trend over the past decade, sneaker sales increased in 2019 from the previous year with Air Jordans claiming the top spot with 171% more sales than competitor brands on eBay.
  • We had pearl fever – With influencers flaunting their pearls on social, followers drove interest in pearl accessories. In fact, when Gigi Hadid was seen wearing a string of pearls, eBay saw a 21% uptick in sales.
  • We were watching Game of Thrones – With the airing of its final episode in May, show fans were shopping for GoT themed collectibles from posters to ornaments and everything in between.
  • Queen Bey ruled her Throne – Commanding a different throne, with the release of ‘Homecoming’ and ‘Lion King,’ all things Beyonce were trending. eBay saw a spike in Beyonce vinyl sales around the release periods for both films.
  • The rise of micro bags – Last year the fanny pack was king but this year, we witnessed a growing popularity for crossbody bags, especially in miniature size. This year the mini crossbody bags, which have seen spikes in sales as high as 65% year over year, were the number one most wanted type of handbag heading into the holidays.