SQUIDD Lock — an anti-theft bicycle smart lock with built-in sensors, mobile alerts, GPS tracking, alarms and a community-based app — is available now on Indiegogo at special “early bird” pricing of $159.

With over two million bicycles stolen annually in North America, bike theft is a huge issue. The SQUIDD Lock features built-in sensors and a high-decibel alarm that’s activated when the lock is tampered with. It can also help recover stolen bikes via its powerful community-based app that helps track the bicycle via GPS.

With a battery that lasts up to two years and an easy-to-use mounting bracket, riders can attach SQUIDD Lock and forget it’s there until it’s needed.  It can be controlled from any smartphone/smartwatch (including the iPhone and Apple Watch), allowing users to unlock/lock the device, and receive real-time alerts and notifications.

SQUIDD Lock features real-time alerts and a tracking system delivering a “LoJack”-like resource for any two-wheeled vehicle. The lock can be used anywhere a traditional padlock is needed, including school/gym lockers, garages, gates, etc.  S

QUIDD Lock defends against theft by sending real-time alerts to the SQUIDD Lock mobile app when the sensors are activated.  The tracking system allows users to know the bike’s exact location as the system’s GPS tracking is accurate to within two meters.