Awair has launched the Glow C, its latest air quality monitor that also functions as a smart plug, prompting “non-smart” devices such as humidifiers or purifiers to react to changes in indoor air quality. 

Awair Glow C empowers consumers with real-time insight into their air quality and automatically takes action to improve the health of their space. Its classic, clean design blends seamlessly into any environment. As an added bonus, users can now change the LED light color, hue, and motion settings of their device to transform it into a customized smart night light. 

Awair Glow C has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $89, but is now available in the US and Canada for a discounted launch price of $75. You can purchase Glow C at and other key retailers to be announced soon.

Poor air quality conditions can affect the body in a variety of ways. Exposure to high levels of chemicals (VOCs) has been known to cause respiratory and skin irritation and allergy-like symptoms. Abnormal humidity levels can cause dehydration, chronic skin and throat irritation, and can lead to dermatitis and eczema flare-ups. Studies have also shown that significant changes in temperature can decrease productivity, impair cognitive function, and aggravate asthma.

Keeping an Awair Glow C in your home can help you understand how environmental changes are influencing your symptoms and determine what steps to take to get relief.

Glow C tracks three key factors that influence air quality — chemicals (VOCs), temperature, and humidity — and monitors changes over time. It takes air quality monitoring one step further by turning on connected “non-smart” devices when one or more of these factors becomes unhealthy. 

For example, if Glow C senses that the temperature of your home is too high, it will automatically turn on a fan that is plugged into the smart plug. Similarly, if humidity levels become too low, Glow C will turn on an attached humidifier. Users can schedule when Glow C should react to air quality readings and when to conserve energy by customizing their device preferences in the Awair app.

Glow C easily integrates into a smart home ecosystem and is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT. With the growing popularity of IoT technology, Glow C is the perfect solution to create a healthier living environment with the help of voice-command control.

Glow C is automatically programmed to show your air quality status at a glance via the LED light, with a green light indicating good air quality, yellow indicating fair, and red indicating poor. Users have the ability to customize their light settings to align with their preferences and desired color palette. The built-in motion sensor can also be programmed to illuminate the light and alert the user via push notification or trigger when movement is detected.

The Awair app — available at the Apple App Store — provides deeper insight into user’s air quality. Data from all three environmental factors is aggregated into a color-coded and numeric Awair Score (from zero to 100), making it easy for users to interpret readings and take action. 

The Awair app also learns from the user’s habits and lifestyle preferences, tracking daily air quality data and providing recommendations based on what they’ve indicated is most important to them. These in-app insights coupled with Glow C’s ability to activate “non-smart” appliances makes maintaining optimal living conditions effortless.