BOOST↑CHARGE, made with DuraTek, is its most robust cable range yet from Belkin ( Available in three different lengths and three different colors, the collection has been re-engineered to maximize cable durability and strength, while also featuring a convenient leather strap to keep your cables organized, tidy, and tangle-free.

The BOOST↑CHARGE cables are reinforced with aramid, a strong material traditionally used to reinforce protective clothing and strengthen products such as tennis racquets and surfboards. The ability to strengthen and flex without stretching makes aramid perfect for cables, providing a protective structure for the wires inside.

The Outer jacket of a BOOST↑CHARGE cable is a hard-wearing double braided nylon that resists damage. The point where the cable joins with the connector head is made flexible with TPE and longer than that found on many other cables. This added length and flexibility absorbs stress and reinforces the juncture between the cable and connector head, preventing separation.

The BOOST↑CHARGE cables are available in four foot, six foot, and 10 foot lengths with a strap that keeps the cable neatly coiled and tangle-free. They’re compatible with USB Power Delivery, making them ideal companions for fast charging USB-PD chargers. Pricing range from $24.99 to $34.99, depending on length.