St. Clair Software has debuted Go64, a free app that helps Mac users prepare for the transition to macOS 10.15 Catalina. 

For the past year, Apple has been preparing users for the demise of 32-bit applications, which will no longer launch on macOS 10.15, coming this fall.

While users can employ the built-in System Information utility on their Macs to identify their 32-bit applications, Go64 makes this process faster. 

In addition, Go64 scans 64-bit applications to ensure that they don’t contain 32-bit plugins, frameworks, helper applications or services embedded within them. These additional bits of code can present compatibility problems on Catalina too, as the can’t be run either.

Once Go64 identifies incompatible or potentially-incompatible applications, it provides a number buttons in its toolbar to speed the search for compatibility and upgrade information. After selecting an app, users can launch it, reveal it in the Finder, move it to the Trash, visit the developer’s website, or search the developer’s site for more information. There’s also a column for entering any cost associated with upgrading each app, so Go64 can provide a running total of the cost to make the entire system Catalina-ready.

Go64 requires macOS 10.11 or higher. You can download it by clicking here (