Research shows that big hackers are targeting small businesses. Considering the fact that nearly 70% of small to medium size companies experienced breaches last year, along with the fact that 36 % of companies with less than 250 employees experienced a data breach, small businesses are right to be concerned.

Tech expert and CTO of SRV Network, Inc. Karl Volkman says, “The truth is that there is no surefire way to prevent data breaches, and that’s why it is always best for companies to approach the situation as if the worst has already happened.

Assume that your customers’ information is at risk and build your security system around that possibility, rather than assuming that it’s a far-off possibility that will likely never happen.”

Here are Volkman’s top tips for business owners seeking to prevent data breaches:

Don’t try to cut costs when it comes to security. “Preventing data breaches is a job that starts well before any possible security threats are in place. Companies must put in as strong a security system as their budget allows,” says Volkman.

Continually revise and review. “It behooves companies to constantly be on the lookout for new and improved security systems and for them to beware that phishers are doing exactly that. The longer a company’s security system is in place, the more time a hacker will have to get familiar with it and find ways to circumvent it. That’s why it is always best for companies to continually revise and review when it comes to keeping their customers’ information safe.”

Have a “breach plan.” As mentioned above, always assume that the worst is going to happen. Volkman says, “Make sure that your company has a “breach plan” in place that you can immediately turn to in case of security emergencies. If a breach occurs, ensure that you will have an immediate plan of defense that will work to keep customers’ information private moving forward, at least for the near and immediate future.”