Meetings shouldn’t be complicated or unproductive because of multi-step, “will-it-display or won’t-it-display” screen sharing capabilities with access that can only be granted with downloaded apps or software and CIA-level security clearance through IT. 

In a meeting, the easier it is to share information without IT involvement or risks to network security, the more productive — and secure — the meeting is. That’s the goal of BenQ’s InstaShow WDC10 wireless presentation system ( With the push of a button, up to 16 users can share content seamlessly and in high-quality from any notebook — even the latest models equipped with USB-C — without hassling with cables, connectors, drivers, or even software.

InstaShow is a plug-and-play device that wirelessly connects a user’s computer to a central display or projector without requiring driver installation or execution and compatibility with any operating system or hardware platform. With it, any participant — even a guest — can automatically take control of the meeting and share content with the group without slowing down the presentation or disrupting the flow of conversation. The system supports up to 16 different input sources. 

InstaShow’s setup and connection are as fast and simple as plugging the puck into the user’s HDMI or USB-C and tapping the InstaShow button. It’s compatible with all mobile devices and operating systems and works with any display with an HDMI port. It also supports up to four different split screens. 

The WDC10 portfolio shares images up to 1080p, and the latest model, the WDC10C, is designed for compatibility with the latest notebooks using the new USB-C connector. InstaShow buttons can be mixed and matched with either USB-C or HDMI models in the same room to accommodate any device. A new version, the WDC20, will be released in the third quarter of 2019 and adds 4K support to transmit high-quality, high-def content.

The WDC10 InstaShow costs $999. The WDC10C is $1,099.