TestFlight users who have signed up to beta test Apple’s Swift Playgrounds coding app can now download the Swift Playgrounds 3.0 Beta, which is now available, according to MacRumors (www.macrumors.com).

Swift Playgrounds uses Swift 5.0, the beta version of Apple’s coding language. According to the tech giant’s release notes, here’s what’s new in the Swift Playgrounds 3.0 beta:

Playground Books can now contain directories of Swift code and resources that can be imported for use by any page in that book. 

The ./Contents/UserModules/UserCode.playgroundmodule/Sources/UserSource.swift file is editable by users using the new source editor tab. 

In addition, the modules in a book’s Modules directory (.playgroundbook/Contents/Modules) can be imported by any page in the book, but can’t be viewed or edited in the app. 

Note: Swift Playgrounds 3.0 beta uses Swift 5 (swiftlang-1001.0.63.8). Code written using other versions of Swift may not work in UserModuleExample.playgroundbook.