3D Issue has launched the first-ever Mac version of their digital
magazine production software. In a market that predominantly offers
the digitization of print publications as a service, 3D Issue have,
since its inception released their solutions as software packages;
allowing you to completely own the digital magazine production

Until recently all their software solutions were developed for
Windows only. As the print publishing industry predominantly uses
Macs for all their design work, 3D Issue are delighted to be the
first to release a standalone PDF to digital edition software app for
Mac users.

Asking their Director of Business Development, Paul Mc Nulty, about
the release he said it was long overdue; “It’s finally here! After
many months work, many cups of tea, and a lot of grey hairs we were
absolutely delighted to be able to announce the release of the first
Mac based digital publication software”. “As 90 percent of the
publishing industry use Macs for their design work & print
production, releasing Mac compatible versions of our software has
always been a top priority for us. And we are delighted with the
results. It’s much faster than the windows version. A 200 page
publication can be converted to a digital edition in less than 90

In this tough economic climate, publishers have been looking for more
creative ways to reduce marketing & admin costs. 3D Issue allows
publishers the ability to do exactly that. Within seconds of final
proofing, publishers can have their publications digitized & online.

“While nothing will replace holding a magazine or newspaper in your
hands, digital editions can offer publishers the ability to offer a
value added service to their clients and readers and also collect
valuable marketing information on the demographics and habits of
their readers. “We have integrated a tracking solution into our
applications that allows you to record each action of a reader while
they are interacting with your digital magazine. 3D Issue has
designed this stats reporter so that it communicates directly with
your Google Analytics account. So this means not only are these stat
reports free of charge but they are also market validated and
completely confidential.”

Not only do you have all the standard demographic and browser based
statistics from Google Analytics but 3D Issue also allows you to
determine up to 40 different reader habits such as which articles or
pages are receiving the most hits, what the most popular searches
are, how many users are clicking on advertising links, etc., he adds.

What’s different about 3D Issue is that it’s software and not a
service, once you purchase the software that’s it. There is no
recurring costs or monthly charges. You wholly own the production
process, you create, you host and you own. You can digitize an
unlimited number of your companies publications and perhaps more
importantly you can host these digital editions yourself, allowing
you total control over digital distribution.

Now for the first time you can use your Mac to create your own
digital publication. You can then upload the e-publication to your
own web site yourself; you own 100 percent of the digital publication
production process. No more out-sourcing, no more unnecessary
on-going charges. 3D Issue Mac Lite lets you convert your press ready
PDFs into live, searchable digital editions in minutes.

Once you buy the license from 3D Issue, you can start digitizing your
publications by yourself. Download your free trial version from the
following link : http://www.3dissue.com/digital_magazine_trial.html