Code has released the CR7000 series healthcare mobile battery case. The durable protector for the iPhone 7 and 8 completely shields your electronics while maximizing uptime with its quick-swappable battery.

Constructed with CodeShield plastics and Dragontrail glass, the CR7000 completely safeguards the iPhone 7 and 8 in an IP54-sealed enclosure.  The quick-swap battery more than doubles the runtime of the iPhone, with a built-in gauge to let nurses know when it’s time to grab more power.  

With the push of a button, they can easily exchange for a fully-charged battery from one of Code’s enterprise chargers, all without removing the iPhone from the protective case.  Users can rapidly charge up to 10 batteries at a time so full power is always on-hand, and a variety of mounting configurations means chargers are easily accessible wherever they are needed.

The CR7000 also comes with the essential tools that hospital IT needs for easy device management. BatteryTrak gives administrators visibility to the age of their batteries and helps them plan appropriately for replacements. Code Complete provisioning and deployment services are also available to help reduce the strain on internal resources. Contact Code ( for pricing options.