At this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES),  Naztech showcases its new MagBuddy Wireless Charge Collection, a series of wireless magnetic charging mounts for the car, home and office. 

Naztech also added to its original MagBuddy mount series, introducing the In-Flight, a magnetic phone holder that anchors to the upright tray table during a plane trip. Featuring Qi-charging, device-mounting systems for nearly any vehicle, environment and application, theMagBuddy Wireless Charge series includes a Dash, Vent, Windshield and Desktop model, each designed to enhance safety, convenience and operational ease. Features include:

° Instant magnetic mount-and-charge on contact, without cradles or cables, while maintaining a full-screen view and full access to the device;

° Adaptive Wireless Charging Technology that detects each device’s power needs and automatically adjusts the output;

° A range of Qi-device compatibility, instantly adjusting between the standard 5W, the iPhone-specific 7.5W and the Android-specific 10W fast charge output;

° Four built-in rare earth magnets that keep a solid grip on the mobile device;

° The ability to affix to nearly any surface, from vehicle air vents, windshields and dash boards, to home and office surfaces such as desks and countertops.

The Desk mount also includes an optional Apple watch mount, and is available in gunmetal, and white & rose gold. The new Magnetic In-Flight Mount is designed for a passenger to comfortably enjoy in-flight entertainment on their phone or tablet without the discomfort of staring down at a hand-held screen for hours. 

Designed with an aluminum base, it latches to the upright tray at eye level and features a swivel ball for portrait or landscape screen positioning. The $34.99 In-Flight comes with a carabiner, travel case and earphones.