Xojo, Inc. has announced the availability of Xojo 2018 Release 2. It’s an update of the rapid application development tool for making apps for the desktop (macOS, Windows and Linux), web, iOS, and Raspberry Pi. 

With over 160 improvements, this release has several updates, especially for those who use Xojo on Windows or to build iOS app. It provides continued Windows optimizations and iOS improvements, such as:

° iOSTable supports pull-to-refresh;

° iOSTable better supports varying row heights with iOSCustomTableCell;

° iOSView supports large titles on iOS 11+;

° iOSHTMLViewer now uses WKWebView for better compatibility;

° Added SpecialFolder.Resources and GetResource methods;

° SQLiteDatabase updated to 3.23.1.

Xojo 2018 Release 2 is available at http://www.xojo.com/download. Xojo is free to use for learning and development. For information on pricing and licensing options, please visit http://www.xojo.com/store.