FileMaker author and trainer John Mark Osborne has released his student requested Calendar training video for FileMaker Pro 17.

 The video was created in FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced but can be used with FileMaker Pro or Advanced 13, 14, 15 and 16 with the exception of a few exercises. The videos cover advanced topics in the areas of scripting, calculations, reporting and relational design with a splash of intermediate and expert.

“This video is 11 hours in length but took longer to create than my 30-hour Complete Contact Manager or 40- hour Philosophy of FileMaker video series because of it’s complexity”, says Osborne. “I walk students through every detail of the construction process and explain why decisions were made, allowing a wide range of student levels to succeed in building their own calendar solution in FileMaker”.

To find out more information or purchase this new video series for $99, visit the Database Pros web site (where you can get a 20% discount): .