U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and John Kennedy (R-LA) announced today that they will introduce legislation that would protect the privacy of consumers’ online data by improving transparency, strengthening consumers’ recourse options when a breach of data occurs, and ensuring companies are compliant with privacy policies that protect consumers. 

Specifically, the proposed legislation will:

° Give consumers the right to opt-out and keep their information private by disabling data tracking and collection;

° Provide users greater access to and control over their data;

° Require terms of service agreements to be in plain language;

° Ensure users have the ability to see what information about them has already been collected and shared;

° Mandate that users be notified of a breach of their information within 72 hours;

° Offer remedies for users when a breach occurs;

° Require that online platforms have a privacy program in place.

Social media and other online platforms routinely capture users’ behavior and personal information, which is then used to help advertisers or other third parties target those users. Senators Klobuchar and Kennedy say their legislation will protect the privacy of consumers’ online data.