Now in its eighth generation, the latest version of vjoon K4 ( supports Adobe CC 2018 and features two new modules. The software is designed to “help you streamline and manage with exacting control the supply chains that deliver your content across different output channels.”

One of the two new modules is called K4 KickOff. Browser- and technology-agnostic, it connects various vjoon K4 modules and third-party solutions by way of a central client. The second new module, K4 Drop Folders Advanced, is designed to make it easier to import articles, for example, from a web CMS or Word documents. A new function named Batch Start Workflow expedites multi-object workflows.

Following in the footsteps of the popular vjoon Overset Manager and vjoon Notes Manager plug-ins, the entire publishing platform now supports Adobe CC 2018 with version 8. Both new models are available as free 30-day trial versions.