Quark has announced a new video tutorial series that will feature one new QuarkXPress video a week throughout 2017 – a total of 50 free training sessions.

Working from the basics, the video tutorials will be hosted by design, layout, and brand expert Martin Turner who recently released his book “Desk Top Publishing with QuarkXPress 2016.” Now he takes his expertise to video, where he will cover topics including:

° Desktop publishing and digital publishing;

° Deep QuarkXPress features such as Job Jackets and Composition Zones;

° Every panel, palette, menu, and function of the newest version of QuarkXPress;

° Setting preferences and preparing pictures for print;

° Converting Excel charts, fonts and kerning, markup, editing, spell checking.

The weekly series started with the first episode “The 8 Minute Magazine Challenge“ where Martin shows in real-time how to create a magazine for print and Web in only eight minutes. For access to all the new QuarkXPress training videos as they become available go to QuarkXPress on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/QuarkXPressTV).