Per Amr Ibrahim, CEO of ULTATEL (, which makes telecom solutions for businesses and service providers, says that, by 2020, 50% of all workers will be working remotely.
Currently, 3.7 million employees work from home at least 50% of the time. Since 2005, the remote worker population has increased by 115%, almost 10x more than the rest of the workforce. Up to 90% of the workforce reports that working remotely 2-3 days a week is ideal, with most believing remote work to be the right balance for concentrative work away from the office, as well as collaborative work at the office. Ibrahim says a vital component to making remote work possible is the Cloud.
“Cloud-based technology is allowing workers to access their information and customer base from anywhere at any time and is imperative for working remotely both now and in the future,” he says.

However, he adds that there’s an inherent risk with remote work: many workers resort to using their personal phones to conduct business, leaving them and their company vulnerable to fraud. Telemarketing fraud costs incurred using personal phone lines are estimated at $350 million per year, generating 150,000 complaints about robocalls.
Ibrahim’s solution? A telephone system that enables a business to manage its telecommunications without the cost and complexity of traditional hardware is optimal. A cloud-based phone system using VoIP technology lets businesses set up a virtual business phone number which remains the same as the business grows, even if the company changes telephone service providers or moves, offering great flexibility. Of course, ULTATEL can provide such a system.