Zero Zero Robotics has announced that its flagship flying camera, Hover Camera Passport (Passport), is now available exclusively on and in Apple stores in five countries (U.S., Canada, China, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom) for $499.95. Additional countries and regions will be added next month.

It’s a self-flying camera powered by proprietary artificial intelligence. The Hover Camera Passport Apple-exclusive bundle includes a Passport, the flagship travel-friendly size flying camera, along with the essentials: two batteries, one charger, adapter and a carry bag. Starting in select Apple stores today, customers can see a demonstration of Hover Camera Passport in flight and the use of the facial recognition and gesture control features.

According to MQ Wang, founder and CEO of Zero Zero Robotics, the Passport is now compatible with Apple video editing software including iMovie and Final Cut Pro X. By connecting your Passport to a Mac, you can download your photo and video content for sharing and editing.

A new user interface has been integrated into the Passport and its companion app. It’s designed to guide and educate consumers with no prior knowledge or experience with a flying camera, on how to operate Passport out of the box.

Via the Hover Camera App — available at the Apple App Store — the Passport will use machine learning to instantly create bite-sized clips of your moments by selecting and editing yourphotos and videos to share with family and friends.