Quark Software (www.quark.com) and TSAM (tsamlondon.com) have announced the results of joint research on how asset management companies approach content creation, management, publishing, and delivery.

The research uncovers universal content challenges asset management companies face – from reliance on outdated technology solutions to increasing demand for Web and mobile content. The findings highlight how content teams struggle to effectively produce and provide multi-channel information to internal and external audiences.
“The way we consume content has changed dramatically in the past decade, but the tools financial services firms use to create and manage content have changed very little,” Gavin Drake, vice president of Marketing for Quark Software. “\ This makes it almost impossible to keep up with the demand to deliver timely and accurate multi-channel content, which is a requirement for firms that aim to stay competitive. As for a solution, Quark advocates content automation, a new approach to content that minimizes risk, improves the customer experience, and eases the burden most content teams face today.”
From creation and management to publishing and delivery, survey respondents face content challenges every day. The research TSAM and Quark conducted among asset management teams found that:
° Asset management companies are struggling to create and maintain a wide range of data-heavy content types including fund fact sheets, product profiles, commentaries, pitch books, financial reports, and more.

° Eighty-three percent of respondents said their customers want more Web content, more mobile content, or both.

° Almost three quarters of asset management companies are dissatisfied with their digital content capabilities with more than 50% of respondents having no confidence in the consistency of their content across print, Web, and mobile channels.

° The vast majority of asset management companies still rely on shared or local file systems to manage their business-critical content, speaking to the fact that 62% of respondents stated that they find it hard to manage document variations/changes needed to support country and business unit requirements

° There are a wide range of digital transformation initiatives being undertaken with the top three stated as being reducing reliance on paper, moving content online, and improving intranet/portal content consumption experience for employees
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