The Polar H10 is Polar’s most accurate heart rate sensor to date. Tapping into 40 years of heart rate and performance technology expertise, the company’s team of engineers advanced the company’s heart rate algorithm and design to develop the new standard for heart rate technology.

The team also redesigned the chest strap to include extra interference-preventing electrodes, which ensure heart rate is captured with accuracy. The new addition of silicone friction dots to the design help keep the strap in place.

With the Polar H10, users can accurately monitor their heart rate to optimize training, monitor health and reach their personal goals. When paired with Polar Beat, Polar’s free fitness and training app, users can access real-time heart rate data and training guidance on their mobile phone. For those who prefer to train without a phone, Polar H10 can store one training session via its built-in memory, allowing users to sync sessions later. Polar H10 also works with several iOS and Android devices, leading fitness apps, compatible gym equipment, and a variety of other Bluetooth devices.

The company’s latest heart rate sensor is also compatible with Polar’s line of Bluetooth performance products including Polar V800, Polar V650, Polar M400 and more. Connecting Polar H10 to a Polar sports watch or cycling computer provides even more in-depth guidance, live coaching and adaptive training plans. Users can also sync their heart rate, activity and training data to Polar Flow for a holistic view of their activity, training and sleep details.

Later this quarter, Polar H10 users will also be able connect their heart rate sensor to GoPro’s HERO4 and HERO5 cameras via Bluetooth. Polar athletes can relive their adventures or training sessions and see Polar’s accurate heart rate data overlaid on GoPro videos to see exactly how their body reacted to every incline, wave, finish line or other moment in their sports adventures. 

Polar H10 is available now at for $89.95, and comes in size ranges XS-S and M-XXL. Polar Pro Strap are also sold separately.